seafood sampler

Chilled Dungeness Crab, Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon and Tobiko Caviar

with warm Gourgeres, bolinas espelette mignonette & cocktail sauce

$24 for 2pp.   /   $48 for 4pp.


local oysters

(6) half shell*  tobiko caviar & bolinas espelette mignonette $18

(6) bbq shucked & broiled:   house BBQ sauce $20


oysters au gratin

Ollie baked in skillet: baby spinach, bacon, parmesan, horseradish cream, lemon $23 

Lillie baked in skillet: arugula, pesto, herb bread crumbs, lemon $23



house levain  warmed, house pesto   $6

garlic-cheese bread  fresh mozzarella, garlic-herb butter   $8

clam chowder   oyster crackers   $7/$10

french kale / onion  mozzarella, sourdough croutons  $9



greens   tomato-cucumber-balsamic dressing, sourdough croutons $7/12

caesar*  creamy parmesan/garlic/anchovy dressing, romesco hummus croustini   $8/13

beet/butternut/apple  arugula, candied walnut, balsamic dressing, pt reyes blue   $9/16

warm grilled asparagus / quinoa   roasted veggies, arugula, pesto, walnuts   $19

cobb  grilled chicken, prosciutto, local egg, avocado, tomato-cucumber-balsamic dressing, pt reyes blue $22

 Add to salads:       grilled chicken +$9        daily  fish +$MP       dungeness crab cake +$18           ahi tuna +$16



hand cut fries  for 2pp    .sea salt $6      .wood fired tomatillo salsa $8     .gruyere, garlic, parsley $8

grilled asparagus   romesco humuspesto, walnuts   $9

farmers market vegetables   garlic herb butter   $10

calamari / rock shrimp  cornmeal dusted & fried, cocktail/remoulade sauce, lemon   $19

mussels  white wine, parmesan, parsley, garlic-cheese bread   $18

crab cake  panko/ fried  romesco humus, avocado, sprouts   $22

spring rolls:   ahi tuna*  mango salsa, miso dip  $19       vegetable  romesco  humus, avocado, sprouts  $16



niman burger*  8 ou. house brioche bun, hand cut fries, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard aioli  $17   

+gruyere $1  /  reyes blue $1  / house pesto $1   /  bacon $2  /  prosciutto $2  /  avocado $2  /  fried egg $2

veggie burger  quinoa & faro, polenta, veggies, black beans, wood fired tomatillo salsa   $16

clubs   house brioche bun, hand cut fries, applewood  bacon, avocado lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, chipotle ailoi 

lemon/herb chicken $19       b.l.t.  avocado $17     ahi tuna* espelette $27      dungeness crab cake $29                 



daily fish special  farmers market veggiestoasted faro, tobiko caviar,  espelette oil  $MP

       fish tacos  wood fired tomatillo salsa, organic greens, avocado, cilantro, green onion, corn tortillas   $24

fish / chips  IPA batter, hand cut fries, tartar sauce, espelette seasoning   $24

seafood linguini   garlic butter, sauvignon blanc, parmesan, parsley   $30

fish of the day, mussels, ahi tuna, rock shrimp, Dungeness crab

dungeness crab / rock shrimp risotto   fresh sprouts, lemon vinaigrette, parmesan   $30

tuscan chicken   grilled sourdough, cherry tomato-cucumber-balsamic dressing, arugula, pesto   $22

niman ribeye  arugula, parmesan,  trumpet mushroom demi glace, truffle oil  $42

gnocchi   brussel sprouts, butternut squash, vegetable broth, parmesan, truffle oil   $19



kids burger   house fries, lettuce, tomato  $10

kids grilled cheese  house levain, gruyere, fresh apple  $9    



chocolate-almond-brioche bread pudding serves 2, crème anglaise $10

farmers market fruit galette straus organic vanilla bean ice cream  $10

chocolate ganache-caramel tart fresh raspberries, crème anglaise  $10

  berries & ice cream straus vanilla bean, organic berries  $8

plus a daily selection of croissants, cookies, pastries, tea cakes/breads …



Lagunitas Brewing Co     Petaluma, CA

cali kolsch   lite & refreshing pilsner, 16 ounce draft  $8

lagunitas ipa   hop-happy, 16 ounce draft  $8



mas fi cava  sparklingspain  8/32

thackrey ‘la pleiades’  white blendbolinas  14/56

martini  pinot grigio, italy  8/32

husch  sauvignon blanc, mendocino  10/40

scribe  chardonnay, sonoma  16/64

husch  chardonnay, sonoma  11/44

husch   pinot noir, sonoma  12/48

thackrey ‘pleiades’  pinot noir, bolinas  14/56

scribe  pinot noir, sonoma  20/80

husch  cabernet sauvignonsonoma  12/48

bliss cabernet sauvignon, mendocino  15/60

$ 15 per bottle corkage service fee



shandy  fresh lemonade, local pilsner $8

mimosa  fresh oj, champagne $9 

ruby mimosa  ruby grapefruit, champagne $9


han soju cocktails

han soju vodka is Korean, distilled from barley & rice $12 

lazy lemonade sparkling  han soju, mint

greyhound  ruby grapefruit

screwdriver  fresh oj 

bloody mary  spicy tomato juice, espelette


agave wine cocktails

la paz agave wine is Mexican, fermented agave plant $12 

margarita  sweet/sour, lime

ruby greyhound  ruby grapefruit,  fresh lime 

sunset  fresh oj, cherry


~ subject to change ~