Lunch / Dinner

eat well, be happy

parkside organic bread garden basil pesto ½ loaf $5
also available for taking home…baked daily on the firehouse whistle…. 12 noon & 5 pm

ne clam chowder oyster crackers $6 / 9
creamy tomato cheddar biscuit $5 / 8
French onion-kale wagonwheel croutons, truffle oil $5 / 8
tuscan chicken-white bean pesto $6 / 9

house organic greens, heirloom ‘toybox’ tomato, cucumber, balsamic shallots, olive oil, croutons $6 / 9
spring mix & mango goat cheese, toasted almond, champagne-citrus vinaigrette $7 / 11
caesar creamy anchovy-garlic-egg dressing, croutons, parmesan $8 / 12
wedge iceberg, bacon, apple, point reyes blue cheese dressing $8 / 12
beets & arugula goat cheese, balsamic shallots, olive oil, croutons $8 / 12
grilled country bread & heirloom ‘toy-box’ tomato wild arugula, balsamic shallots, pesto $8 / 12
cobb chicken breast, avocado, bacon, egg, tomato, point reyes blue, aged balsamic, olive oil $14
add to salads: seared ahi tuna $11 dungeness crab cake $12 grilled chicken breast $7 bbq king salmon $10
local rock cod $8 dayboat scallops $14

tomales bay oysters ½ dozen …on the shell, mignonette $15 … bbq glazed $16
oysters olliver ½ dozen baked with arugula, bacon, horseradish, lemon, parmesan $17
ahi tuna ‘spring roll’ mango salsa, miso glaze $16
monterrey bay calamari cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, lemon $11
tomales mussels half pound garlic, white wine, parsley, parmesan $14
bolinas dungeness crab cake cole slaw, chipolte aioli $15

local cod tacos roasted tomatillo salsa, avocado, corn tortillas, chipolte aioli $15
local cod ‘fish n chips’ iron springs pilsner batter, cole slaw, tartar sauce, ff $17
burger marin sun farms brioche bun, fully garnished, ff $13
…add point reyes blue, cowgirl wagonwheel, clover organic chedar or jack, sonoma goat $2
roasted polenta-ratatouille burger roasted tomatillo salsa, fully garnished, ff $13
house club brioche bun, golden gate bacon, avocado, chipolte aioli, fully garnished, ff
your choice ofblt style $13 grilled chicken breast $15 hobb’s ham-cole slaw-swiss $14 bbq pulled pork $15
ahi tuna $19 bbq king salmon $18 dungeness crab cake $19 local rock cod $17

potato gnocchi brussel sprouts, roasted butternut squash, garlic, white wine, parmesan, truffle oil $18
quinoa & grilled asparagus artichoke hearts, baby spinach, roasted red peppers, walnut-pesto $16
bbq king salmon warm fingerling potato-arugula salad, olive tapenade $21
dungeness crab & rock shrimp risotto parsley-lemon vinaigrette, parmesan $26
local seafood & linguini garlic, white wine, parmesan, fresh parsley $24
…local cod, mussels, king salmon, rock shrimp, dungeness crab
pan roast chicken breast grilled sourdough-heirloom ‘toy-box’ tomato salad, wild arugula, balsamic, pesto $19
niman ranch ribeye buttermilk onion rings, horseradish cream, truffle oil $28

buttermilk onion rings & mustard seed aioli $5
brussel sprouts & butternut squash $6
curried cauliflower-kale-raisins $8
warm quinoa salad & pesto $6
warm wild rice-mango-arugula salad $6
baby spinach & garlic $5
grilled asparagus walnut pesto $6
roasted fingerling potatoes arugula $6
garlic ff & mustard seed aioli $5

kids burger ff $8
crispy chicken tenders ff $8
grilled cheese/hot dog ff $7
penne & marinara or parmesan $7

strawberry-rhubarb cobbler oatmeal-walnut crumble, straus organic vanilla bean ice cream $8
brownie sundae straus organic vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberry/banana, whipped cream, toasted almonds $8
banana-butterscotch cream pie graham crust, caramelized banana, whipped cream $8
strawberries, raspberries & blueberries vanilla bean pastry cream, snow cookie $7
rootbeer float straus organic vanilla bean ice cream $5

proud supporter of marin organic, bolinas fishing/crabbing, point reyes oysters, cowgirl creamery, point reyes farmstead, straus family dairy, niman ranch, clover organic, golden gate meat, tacherra ranch, Bolinas farm stand, tomales bay foods, hobb’s meat co, redwood hill farms & many more

parties of 6 or more add 18% gratuity
substituting fresh berries, any side or small salad for ff … add $3
egg whites only… add $2



nv kenwood 'yalupa' brut california 8/32
sauvignon blanc & pinot grigio      
2012 st. julia organic pinot grigio argentina 8/32
2011 husch 'la ribera' mendocino 10/40
2011 honig napa valley 12/48
2011 st. julia organic argentina 7/28
2010 husch anderson valley 10/40
2010 bliss mendocino 8/32
2010 cinnabar paso robles 12/48
2006 storrs central coast 14/64
pinot noir
2010 husch anderson valley 12/48
nv sean thackrey 'pleiades' bolinas 13/52
cabernet sauvignon
2011 st. julia organic argentina 7/28
2010 husch anderson valley 12/48
2007 honig rutherford, napa valley 15/60
2010 bliss mendocino 10/40
2009 frogs leap napa 13/52
2010 ridge three valleys sonoma 15/60

$15 per bottle corkage service fee


local draft beers $6 iron springs brewery fairfax, ca
kent lake kolsch a pilsner
jc flyer ipa classic hoppy flavor & smooth finish
epiphany amber ale well balanced, nutty nose
sless’ stimulating oatmeal stout deep, rich, chewy

cocktails $8

mimosa fresh oj
ruby mimosa fresh ruby grapefruit
margarita agave wine
bloody mary han soju vodka

smoothies $6

lbd raspberry, pineapple, banana, oj
maverick pineapple, strawberry, banana, blueberry
berry blast strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, banana
mango tango mango, strawberry, banana


fresh o.j. / ruby grapefruit $4
apple, cranberry, v-8 $3
coke, diet coke, sprite, rootbeer, dr. pepper, lemonade, iced ‘herbal sport’ tea $2.75
pelligrino sparkling mineral water $5.5 (750ml)
panna aqua still spring water $5.5 (750ml)

graffeos coffee $2.5
espresso $2.5
cappuccino / latte $3.5
hot chocolate $3.5
tazo tea selection $2.5
tazo chai tea latte $3.5
moccha $4
ice coffee $2.5

parkside cafe requires ID from all customers ordering alcoholic beverages, thank you