eat well, be happy

granola  vanilla yogurt, fresh berries, honey $11

oatmeal   plain, nonfat  $8     fresh berries, granola, honey $12

avocado toast   cherry tomato, wood fired tomatillo salsa, cilantro $9

lox*  sourdough bagel, fully garnished  $15


chevron*  eng. muffin/egg/bacon/cheese/tom/chile/mayo $7 +home fries $3

burrito  eggs, ham, bacon, home fries, avocado, salsa, jack  $13

ham, egg, gruyere  on croissant $8   +home fries $3    +avocado $2  

parkside  2 eggs, home fries, house toast & jam $11

add.   golden gate bacon $4     chicken-apple sausage $4     pitt ham $4

eggs & prosciutto  levain, gruyere, tomato/arugula, truffle $16 

huevos  2 eggs, tortilla/cheese, rice/beans, salsa, sour cream $14

hash  2 eggs, corned beef, celery/onion/bell pepper/potato $15

omellette  avocado, baby spinach, tomato, pesto $15

scramble  rock shrimp  avocado, salsa, cilantro, jack  $17   tortillas, rice & beans

benedict*  on English muffin, home fries, hollandaise

.avocado, baby spinach, tomato  $15                .dungeness crab, fresh salsa, cilantro  $18


pancake     buttermilk or blueberry  $7 / stack of 3 $12      organic pure maple syrup   $2

brioche  french toast  warm berry compote, pure maple syrup  $15

raisin-walnut bread  french toast  fresh bananas, cinnamon, honey  $15


toast:  levain, raisin-walnut, eng. muffin, flour/corn tortillas, bagel $3.25   +cream cheese  $1

home fries $5        rice, beans, salsa $7.75      2 eggs any style $5

                          golden gate bacon, sm. chicken-apple sausage, pitt ham  $5                                            


kids parkside mini  1 pancake, 1 egg scrambled, 2 strips bacon $10



green  apple, spinach, pineapple, celery, carrot, oj $8

lbd  raspberry, pineapple, banana, oj $6.75

maverick  pineapple, strawberry, banana, blueberry $6.75

berry blast  strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, banana $6.75

mango tango  mango, strawberry, banana  $6.5





graffeos coffee,  mighty leaf teaespresso  $3.25


cappuccino/latte/chai latte $4       moccha $4.75       hot choc $3.75


fresh squeeze orange / ruby grapefruit  12 ounce $4.50


farmers market  fruit soda  24 ounce $4.25


fresh squeeze lemonade 24 ounce $4.25  meyer lemon, raw sugar, mint


‘sport’ tea  24 ounce $4.25  meyer lemon,  mint


arnold palmer 24 ounce $4.25  fresh lemonade, sport tea, mint


                       pelligrino mineral water / panna aqua spring water $5.75 (750ml)


organic whole milk / non-fat milk $3.50




mimosa fresh oj, champagne $9 

ruby mimosa ruby grapefruit, champagne $9


han soju cocktails

24 OU. han soju vodka is Korean, distilled from barley & rice $12

lazy lemonade  sparkling, han soju, mint

greyhound  ruby grapefruit

bloody mary  spicy tomato juice, espelette


agave wine cocktails

24 OU. la paz agave wine is Mexican, fermented agave plant $12

margarita  sweet/sour. Lime 

ruby greyhound  ruby grapefruit, fresh lime

sunset  fresh oj, cherry



iron springs brewery, fairfax, CA

Lagunitas  kolsch  pilsner $8 

lagunitas  ipa   hop-happy $8 

shandy  fresh lemonade, pilsner $8